October 24, 2023Jacob Judah Adediran

As we approach the end of another year and get closer to December 25th, a special feeling fills the hearts of people all over the world. This feeling is about Christmas, a time of hope and happiness that brings everyone together, no matter where they come from.

Christmas is a time when we expect good news and a sense of togetherness. But something is changing around the world. Some people think Christmas is slowly becoming less about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

In different parts of the world, there's a growing trend. Christmas is becoming more of a holiday that's not very religious. It's like Jesus is being left out of the celebration in many cases. As we see this change, we need to think about what it means for a holiday that's been important for centuries.

Some call this change the "dumbing down" of Christmas. It makes us wonder about the true meaning of this special time, especially in a world that's changing so fast. We need to think about keeping the old traditions while also accepting the different ways people celebrate. In doing this, we can find the real spirit of Christmas, no matter how it looks, and use it to bring people together in goodwill and unity.

Let's take a moment to appreciate all the different ways people celebrate Christmas around the world. It's a time to think about others, to be kind, and to remember the values that have made Christmas a time of hope for generations.

The Bible, in the Book of Colossians 1:27, talks about this hope, by saying "To them God has chosen to make known among the Gentiles the glorious riches of this mystery, which is Christ in you, the hope of glory.". That's what Christmas is all about.

Christmas is changing into a holiday with Santa Claus, presents, and other fun stuff. But for those who believe in the true meaning of Christmas, all these things might seem like distractions that take away from the real message.

At its core, Christmas is about the birth of Jesus, who Christians believe is the Saviour of the world and the way to God. It's a time to remember the love that God gave to humanity. Christmas is not just a tradition; it's a celebration of the gift of salvation, a message that can mean something to both believers and non-believers.

Christmas, in its purest form, is a chance to share the Christian message with those who may not know it. As the Bible says in Acts 1:8, we're meant to share this message with people all over the world. Christmas is a special time for believers to talk about how the birth of Jesus is a message of hope and a way to find eternal happiness.

In all the celebrations and joy, let's not forget the real reason for Christmas – the birth of Jesus, who brings hope and a connection to God's grace. May this Christmas be a time not only for happiness but also for sharing the message of love and salvation that has lasted through the ages.


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